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June 07, 2005 News
Race Report: Badger Kart Club Races with Heavy Hearts

Story by Mike Weaver

During the past week and a half, the Badger Kart Club lost two of its members. Scott "Scooter" Schmitt was shot to death in his Milwaukee east-side apartment during a burglary attempt and Dan Delfosse was killed instantly in a single-vehicle traffic accident. Both Schmitt and Delfosse have been members for the past five or so years. Dan Delfosse was actually on his way to Badger Raceway on an off-day to install a door for the club.

The Badger Kart Club took a moment at the beginning of the features to honor and remember their fallen friends with a small prayer and a moment of silence. Additionally, a pack of drivers slowly drove around the track during the national anthem in the "missing man" formation.

On a brighter note, the club was also honored by the presence of David Hobbs, who has a grandson running in the Briggs Jr. Sportsman class. Mr. Hobbs treated the fans by doing play-by-play and color over the PA during a few races. Additionally, Mr. Hobbs graciously donated the use of two brand new pick-up trucks for use this coming weekend at Road America for Badger's Road America Supernationals.

As other areas around the state were getting pelted by severe storms, the sun never stopped shining in Dousman. The hot, sticky air reeked havoc for many of the top drivers and played right into the hands of others. Charlene Jung managed to take the checkers in Yamaha Lite over husband Mark. Although Mark had passed Charlene halfway through the race, his bobble in Badger's famous "boot" section allowed the missus back into the lead, this time for good!

It was the Ladies taking one and two in the Briggs Animal Lite feature. Kelsey Bauer managed to hold off Heidi Olsen to take another win for the season. Zach Hawley must have loved the hot, humid air, as he not only went on to capture his first feature win of the year, but he also managed to lay down the season's fast time in that class.

Justin Sund had a banner day in Jr. Can, winning the first heat and taking the feature by a mere half-second over Alex Eichorst. Eichorst had his hands full with Jason Foley who just couldn't manage to get around him. Ryan McNeil was another first-timer in Victory Lane taking the checkers in HPV Heavy by over 1.5 seconds to Ryan Graham. McNeil looked to be a strong contender for the championship until he destroyed his primary chassis back at the Briggs Motorplex race a month ago.

Also add Jordan Nelson to the first-time winners as Nelson scored a big feature win over Andrew Kiedrowski and Christian Beassie. And not to be outdone, Jacob Feder adapted to the crazy track conditions to score his first feature win in HPV Jr. by besting TJ Koyen, who also ran one of his best HPV races of the year. Lastly, Kyle Gluth dominated SSX Jr. to take his first ever feature win.

The Badger Kart Club takes a week off of its regular schedule to host the Dunlop Tire Road America Supernationals this coming weekend up in Elkhart Lake, WI. Boasting over 1,000 entries each year over the past several years, this major karting road racing event brings in race teams from all corners of North America to see who is "the best of the best.

Race Results:

Briggs Animal Lite
1. Kelsey Bauer
2. Heidi Olsen
3. Aron Scalissi

HPV Sr. Lite
1. Zack Emmons
2. Nicole Baier
3. Jon Ellingham

Briggs 4-cycle Sr.
1. Joe Schaffer Sr.
2. Lonny Roy
3. Rob Leichtfuss

1. Jacob Feder
2. TJ Koyen
3. Travis Kosik

Jr. SSX Can
1. Kyle Gluth
2. Patrick Olsen
3. TJ Koyen

Briggs Animal Jr.
1. Gavin Hallman
2. Steven Wirtz
3. Derek Crane

Yamaha Heavy
1. Jim Larson
2. Wayne Johnson
3. George Myers

Yamaha Lite
1. Charlene Jung
2. Mark Jung
3. Ryan Rutzinski

Briggs Animal Heavy
1. Aron Scalissi
2. Vince Bartolotta
3. Kelsey Bauer

Junior Can
1. Justin Sund
2. Alex Eichorst
3. Jason Foley

HPV Jr. Sportsman
1. Tommy Anderson
2. James Bennett
3. Eric Sutcliffe

2-cycle Jr. Sportsman
1. Jordon Nelson
2. Andrew Kiedrowski
3. Christian Beassie

Briggs Animal Jr. Sportsman
1. Robby Mueller
2. Kodiak Wirtz
3. Nicholas Strobbe

Sr. Sportsman Heavy
1. Scott Adler
2. Dennis Foley
3. Rob Szemborski

Briggs Jr. Sportsman
1. Zach Hawley
2. Pete Koostra
3. Alex Rosenquist

HPV Sr. Heavy
1. Ryan McNeil
2. Ryan Graham
3. Mark Baier

Sr. Sportsman Lite
1. Joe Brenner
2. Dave Skaggs
3. Ryan Dow
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