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May 05, 2005 News
PR Wire: Birel at Open Masters Championship
Nicholas Risitano (Photo: Birel)
Nicholas Risitano
(Photo: Birel)

In the second race of the Open Masters, run on the Naples International Circuit of Sarno, the Birel colors kept performing very well attaining the provisional leadership in three out of four categories of the championship. Nicholas Risitano drew particular attention to himself by dominating the ICA on Campania’s race-course. Excellent performances by Albert Costa (first in the JICA class) and Francesco Laudato (second in the ICC) as well. The only partial disappointment for Birel drivers in relation to results was due to Formula A. However, as far as their absolute performances are concerned, both Sauro Cesetti and Jon Lancaster displayed a very high potential, too.

The JICA was won by Spaniard Albert Costa (Birel-Parilla-Vega), who led wire-to-wire. Brit Kazeem Manzur sprinted across the finishing line behind Albert Costa, outdistancing Swede Markus Erikson and Czech Zdenek Groman. The first among the Italian drivers was Luca Genini, ending fifth. Among the best Birel drivers was Laurenz Vanthoor (10th) and Marco Sorenses (13th), whereas Patrick Kronemberger was forced to withdraw. Some problems spoiled the race of German Peter Antonfeld, too, who ended 18th. The championship is lead by Costa with 31 points, ahead of Nigel Melker (25) and Zdenek Groman (23).

Nicholas Risitano made up greatly for Lonato’s unlucky race (ending up off the track) in ICA attaining a well-deserved victory crowned both by the pole position and the start from the pole after the preliminary heats. In Sarno, the Latium-born driver seemed to be at a different level compared to his rivals (keeping his race at the same pace as the winners of Formula A). A complete Birel podium could have formed behind Risitano, since at the start of the final he was ahead of his team-mates Alessandro Bosca and Daniel Campos on the grid. But soon after the start, Bosca had to give up his second position to Portuguese Armando Parente, finishing third in front of Daniel Campos. Jaime Alguersari ended up fifth. Bosca is now leading the Championship with 32 points, ahead of Armando Parente (27) while both James Calado and Risitano both in third position with 25 points.

Francesco Laudato (Photo: Birel)
Francesco Laudato
(Photo: Birel)

The Formula A was won by Davide Forč ahead of Marco Ardigň and Oliver Oakes. The Birel drivers, as it often occurs during the Open Championship, took advantage of the race in Campania to tune up for the upcoming European Championship event in Angerville in two weeks. In particular, some very promising solutions regarding the engines were tested, which will offer Birel drivers the possibility of making the most of their chances during the international season. Sauro Cesetti as well as Jon Lancaster climbed right to the top of the results from the very beginning of the qualifiers and said to be satisfied with the performances, even after being penalized in the course of the weekend by the unreliability of some of the tested solutions. The information gathered during this weekend completes the data collected during the last technical tests carried out by Birel Motorsport and will be extremely useful to set out the solutions for the oncoming European event on May 15th. The provisional results in the Open Championship after the Sarno race show Davide Forč leading ahead of Marco Ardigň and Benjamin Michael Hanley.

In the 125 ICC finals, Francesco Laudato, who had won the pole after the qualifiers as well as after the preliminary heats, had to deal with Manuel Cozzaglio in the course of the race. Laudato spurted off and took the lead, but was overtaken after the first few laps by his former team-mate and they crossed the finishing line in the same order. Laudato was slowed down by an inadequate set-up, which penalized him mainly during the early stage of the race. The Birel driver, with the runner-up finish like in Lonato, gave him the provisional leadership in the Championship. The third place went to Arjan Kievitbosch while another of the Birel driver, Francesco Principe, ended his excellent performance with a fourth place. After a fight for the fifth position, Alessandro Piccini had the better of Frenchman Manuel Renaudie overtaking him one lap from the end. The championship is led by Laudato (40 points), followed by Robert Dirks (the winner in Lonato) with 34 points. Manuel Cozzaglio ranks third with 32 points.

The next round with the Open Championship is scheduled for May 29 on the La Conca course of Muro Leccese.
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