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March 30, 2005 News
Tony Kart Racing Team on the Podium Once Again

After winning the 2004 Open Masters Champion title with Davide Forè in FA, the Tony Kart Racing Team couldn’t have started better in the 2005 Italian Open Masters Championship. In the first round, which took place on the South Garda Track at Lonato last weekend, their drivers distinguished themselves in all classes but particularly they excelled in the ICA class with a victory for James Calado while in the FA class, a second and third place finish for Marco Ardigò and Davide Forè topped the weekend’s results.

The ever changing weather conditions and the torrential rains of Sunday afternoon didn’t prevent the young English driver, Calado, from a dominating performance. He achieved the best time in qualifying practice and won both the qualifying heats. James therefore earned the pole position and led the whole final race from flag to flag, winning with a nine second margin. In his first year in the ICA division and only his third ever race in the class, James gave the team an incredible effort and victory.

Not so lucky in the final was Daniel Mancinelli who, thanks to his first and second place in the qualifying heats, was alongside his team mate in the starting grid for the final. Unfortunately because of troubles in the first phase of the race, he lost lots of positions and saw his opportunity vanish.

In FA, the green color of Tony Kart dominated once again. All Tony Kart drivers stood out during the heats with two victories for Marco Ardigò, two second places for Davide Forè and a fifth place for Edoardo Mortara and Naoki Yamamoto. The third and fourth places of Adam Christodoulo deserve some words as well, for the young English Strawberry team driver was at his first race ever in FA.

Formula Super A 2004 World Champion Davide Foré (Photo: Chris Walker)
Formula Super A 2004 World Champion Davide Foré
(Photo: Chris Walker)

Thanks to their excellent results, Marco and Davide were the real challengers in the final. A breathtaking final, during which the Tony Kart drivers dominated from the start, with Marco keeping his second starting place and Davide just behind him in the third position. Behind them, the young Japanese driver Naoki Yamamoto made his way through the others, alongside Adam Christodoulo, all of them on familiar Tony Karts.

The race became more and more exciting as Ardigò and Forè defended their positions until they crossed the finishing line. Both succeeded in keeping their starting positions, even though the set up of their chassis was for a wet track as the rain had stopped towards the end of the race, changing the racing conditions. Marco Ardigò was the first Vega tire driver in the classification.

Also in the 125 ICC class the Tony Kart drivers did not go unnoticed with one official driver in the first row of the final starting grid. Alessandro Piccini, with a first and third place in the qualifying heats, obtained second place on the grid for the final, but unfortunately he was involved in an accident in the very first lap and found himself in the last position. The multi-titled driver didn’t give up and gained position after position, eventually reaching and overtaking his team mate Manuel Cozzaglio, who, taking advantage of the opening laps had stayed in touch with the front of the pack.

The championship season has begun in a great way for the Tony Kart Racing Team and some drivers are already leading the standings; the team will continue giving every effort and will give their best in the next race at the Sarno facility at the end of April.
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