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February 24, 2005 News
Event News: FCS Jacksonville Event a Success

With the weather cool and sunny drivers and spectators turned out in droves for Race 2 of the WKA Florida Championship Series (FCS) February 18-20, 2005 held at the 103rd Street Complex in Jacksonville Florida. Well over 200 entries and hundreds of spectators showed up to participate, support the event, enjoy great weather and even better competition. Besides the regular FCS members, racers and families traveled from New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina and Georgia domestically as well as drivers from Columbia and Spain giving this race a National feel with an International flavor.

“I am continually encouraged by the strong show of support for the FCS,” stated Neal de Jesus President and Series Director. “Racers, families, friends and sponsors are all coming together as all the ingredients necessary for an awesome season” he added.

Competition was intense as usual at all levels as this series continues to show case many of the top drivers in the nation. In the 2 cycle division the Prime Motorsports Team continued to have very successful results as did Team Margay in the 4 cycle division with their drivers claiming the top 5 spots in the Briggs Stock classes.

“I would like to thank our hosts from the North Florida Kart Club. They are a class act and they accommodated the FCS to the fullest extent” stated Neal.

The FCS is already preparing for race 3 hosted by Homestead Karting at the Miami-Homestead Speedway in Homestead, Florida April 8-10, 2005. Look for more information on race 3 as well as a registration form online coming soon at http://www.flwkasprintseries.

Round #2
February 19-20, 2005
Jacksonville 103rd Street Complex
Jacksonville, Florida

Briggs Jr. Spts. I - Lite
1. Connor Cascio
2. Joey Kuley
3. Ryan Snyder

Briggs Jr. Spts. I - Heavy
1. Connor Cascio
2. Joey Kuley
3. Ryan Snyder

Briggs Jr. Spts. II - Lite
1. T.J. Duke
2. Jacob Young
3. Kyle Barthelemy

Briggs Jr. Spts. II -Heavy
1. T.J. Duke
2. Jacob Young

Briggs Restricted Jr. Lite
1. Brad Bischoff
2. Joseph Coulter IV
3. Matthew Travis

Briggs Restricted Jr. Heavy
1. Joseph Coulter IV
2. Brad Bischoff
3. Matthew Travis

Briggs Jr. Lite
1. Joseph Coulter IV
2. Brad Bischoff
3. Jeromy Smith

Briggs Jr. Heavy
1. Brad Bischoff
2. Joseph Coulter IV
3. Michael Greiner

Briggs Lite
1. Justin Larson
2. Ashley Larson
3. Tommy Van Cleef

Briggs Medium
1. Travis Firing
2. Tommy Van Cleef
3. Justin Larson

Briggs Animal Medium
1. Justin Larson
2. Jesse Arvin
3. Anthony de Jesus

Briggs Animal Heavy
1. Jesse Arvin
2. Keven Ridener
3. Marc Eden

Cadet Jr. Sportsman
1. Oscar Tunjo
2. Spencer Pigot
3. Eric Figueiras

Yamaha Jr. Sportsman
1. Nick Neri
2. Nick Rickert
3. Evan Kalogiannis

HPV Jr. Sportsman
1. Evan Kalogiannis
2. Wesley Hopper
3. Nick Neri

1. John McKeage
2. Nick Andries
3. Chris Girvin

Yamaha Jr. Super Can
1. John McKeage
2. Chris Girvin
3. Julia Landauer

Formula Y Jr.
1. John McKeage
2. Chris Girvin
3. Ryan Leach

1. Chris Larson
2. Christopher Stage
3. Chris Grektorp

Yamaha Heavy
1. Austin Hopper
2. Manny Sola
3. Ryan Allums

Formula Yamaha Sr.
1. Danny Guerra
2. Billy Fraser
3. Ricky Branham

Yamaha Masters
1. Manny Sola
2. David Del Sol
3. Gary McHone

Yamaha Sr. Sportsman
1. A.J. Codalata
2. David Throckmorton
3. Jeremy McHone

1. Chris Grektorp
2. Chris Larson
3. Caleb Loniewski

Easykart 125
1. Andres Villarreal
2. Andrew Carbonell
3. Ian Harms

Easykart 60
1. Spencer Pigot
2. Taylor McKeever
3. Oscar Tunjo

Easykart 100
1. Andres Lopez
2. Alex Quinones
3. Court Vernon

Easykart 125 Heavy
1. Guillermo Freile
2. Manuel Villalobos
3. Alvaro Salazar

Kids Karts
Santino Ferrucci
Austin Garrison
Chris Kuley
Pacific Mountain Central Eastern International Western Canada

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