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February 16, 2005 News
Team News: 3-S Go Karts Names 2005 Canadian Team Members

3-S Go Karts has named its Birel team members for the upcoming 2005-karting season. In an announcement from the 3-S Go Karts headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario, owner Enzo Chiovitti has high promise for his team this year.

“We have a good group,” Chiovitti said. “It is a good mix of drivers. I think they will all do well for the 3-S Go Karts team this year.”

Senior team members include Richard Boake, the talented 16-year-old from King City Ontario. He will compete in the Formula Senior class in his #6 Birel. Steelcase Tires ‘n’ Mags, and Tire Craft in Concord, Ontario, sponsor Boake.

From left to right: Trombly, Kretschmer, Fufari, Fox, Riedmann
From left to right: Trombly, Kretschmer, Fufari, Fox, Riedmann

Boake will be joined in Formula Senior (ICC) by team members Adam Kretschmer, the 17-year-old from Huttonville, and Orillia’s Chris Trombly. Kretschmer won the 2004 SKC championship in Rotax, and he was the IKC shifter champion last year. Trombly is 16-years-old and he was the 2004 SKC 80cc shifter champion, who is sponsored by J. Trombly Automotive Services and Autosense Auto Parts.

In the Junior ranks, 3-S Go Karts has some heavy hitters. 15-year old Curtis Fox will pilot his Roxson Contractors Birel in both Formula Junior and Canada Junior Heavy in both Canada and US competition. Fox’s five-year career includes two class championships at IKC.

Joining Fox is Belfountain’s Kenny Riedmann. The talented 13-year-old will also compete in Canada and the US in Canada Junior and Formula Junior 80cc shifter. Riedmann was quick to thank those who have helped him. “I greatly appreciate the support I receive from my family, Enzo Chiovitti and 3-S Go Karts, Birel, Bob Nebel/Roadrunner Engines, Ron LeFevbre, and my team-mates. Also, very special thanks to Juliana Chiovitti for her trackside support.” Riedmann includes a 2004 SKC club championship on his lengthy resume.

Anthony Furfari is the youngest of the team and the 10 year-old from Woodbridge will be in his second year of karting. Furfari will race in Easykart 60 in the Winter Tour, Cadet in the US and Junior Light in Canada. Furfari is sponsored by Furfari paving.

For more information, visit http://www.3SBirelRacing.com or for the US site, http://www.3sgokartsusa.com
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