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February 11, 2005 News
Series News: Canadian SKUSA Pro Tour Announced

Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) has added to its rebuilding process a Canadian Region – SKCAN. This series spent the past two years in the development and planning stages. It will provide a place for the Canadian racers wishing to develop their skills, apply their trade, or just have some fun under a karter friendly environment. New SKCAN Pro Tour Director, Paul Fortier heads up the new region.

“With an emphasis on Novice and Junior development and recognition while still providing for the senior levels, we feel the series will offer a well-balanced program,” said Fortier. “It is the series goal to provide a seeding ground for the future of karting. It is my sincerest wish that our children have the place to follow their dreams on their terms. SKUSA has given me the support to offer this to Canada. We’re excited about SKUSA’s new direction and the impact it will have on the racer.”

SKUSA Executive Director, Joe Janowski, expressed his enthusiasm for the new Pro Tour: “This has been a long time in the making. I think it’s great that we’re finally able to expand outside of the United States. SKCAN is a great addition to the SKUSA family. Paul has fresh ideas for this new region. We’re eager to get this started.”

Luckily, the racers in the SKCAN Pro Tour don’t have to wait too long for their first race. While run at the same facility, each event will run a different configuration.

2005 Race Schedule
April 15-16Dunnville Autodrome
April 17Dunnville Autodrome
April 30Dunnville Autodrome
June 10-11Dunnville Autodrome
June 12Dunnville Autodrome
August 23-27Race Camp
August 26-27Dunnville Autodrome
September 9-10Dunnville Autodrome

2005 Class Structure
Honda Ontario Club Racing Classes

Novice Honda245 lbs8-11MG / Dun SL4
Jr. Light Honda260 lbs9-15MG / Dun SL4
Jr. Heavy Honda290 lbs9-15MG / Dun SL4
Senior Honda350 lbs15 upMG / Dun SL4
Masters Honda360 lbs35 upMG / Dun SL4

SKUSA Classes
Formula K3260 lbs10-13*MG
Junior 1290 lbs12-15*MG
Formula K2320 lbs12-15*MG
Formula K1360 lbs15 up*MG
Formula S3385 lbs15 up*MG
Formula S1385 lbs16 up*MG
Formula ICC380 lbs15 up*MG
TAG Seniorsee rules15 up*MG
TAG Juniorsee rules12-15*MG
TAG Masterssee rules35 up*MG

*Some classes have specific requirements and others may be combined on track, but scored separately. See rules for details and supplemental rules when issues.

More information will be released as it becomes available. A website and mailing will be in the near future, but this release is the first step in getting the racers the information they need to make 2005 plans. In the meantime, if there are specific questions for Paul, please send an email to info@superkartsusa.com and it will be routed to him as soon as possible.
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