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June 26, 2013
Edgar’s Hyundai Super One MSA/TKM Series - Round 2 Report

Lucas Orrock (Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)
Lucas Orrock
(Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)

Glan y Gors, set in the hills of north Wales, proved to be a tough test for man and machine at the second round of the British and ABkC Championships. A Saturday punctuated with showers had the mechanics busy choosing the right tyres, then on Sunday it never really dried at all, wets were the order all day. And sometimes these wheels refused to stay fixed to the karts, several flying off.

MSA British Kart Championship: KZ1
Shaun Slavin had narrowly beat James Glenister to the heat poles, but it was the latter who took the first heat from a rejuvenated Sam Webster, complete with new engine. Joe Charlton won the other heat. The wet conditions on Sunday suited Lucas Orrock perfectly as he hammered up from grid 6 and relieved Daniel Borton of the lead. The reigning Max 177 champion proceeded to pull out 8s at one point before easing down to the chequer. Borton and Shaun Slavin argued over second, whilst polesitter James Glenister was flagged in with a broken rear bumper. Orrock had command once more in the second final, as national champion Matt Dittman cruised into second but was later relegated by Borton. Newly crowned ABkC O Plate champion Henry Easthope, fourth in the first final, was given the mechanical flag for a bumper that came loose almost from the formation lap, whilst Glenister’s luck failed to return with a DNF. F3 ace Hywell Lloyd had his first kart race in a while and came fifth.

Results Final 1
1 Lucas Orrock Tonykart/Vortex
2 Daniel Borton BRM/TM
3 Shaun Slavin CRG/Pavesi
4 Henry Easthope Sodi/TM
5 Joe Charlton CRG/TM
6 Jamie Rush Formula K/Modena

Results Final 2
1 Orrock
2 Borton
3 Matt Dittman Tonykart/Vortex
4 Ash Davies Energy/TM
5 Hywell Lloyd Energy/TM
6 Slavin

Provisional Championship Points
1 Daniel Borton 304
2 Lucas Orrock 289
3 Henry Easthope 278
4 Joe Charlton 275
5 Matt Dittmann 271
6 Shaun Slavin 257

Daniel Ticktum (Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)
Daniel Ticktum
(Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)

MSA British Junior Kart Championship: KF Junior
Daniel Ticktum took to the twisty track with the one long uphill straight immediately, topping timed qualifying over Enaam Ahmed and Dean MacDonald and did his championship hopes a whole lot of good with two wins. But he had to fight back after non-finishing the first heat, Jamie Caroline winning and snaring pole for the first final. Ross Martin’s big lead in the second heat was stymied with retirement due to a wheel falling off his kart, Ticktum the winner. Soon after the start of the first final Dean MacDonald relieved Philip Rawson of the lead whilst poleman Jamie Caroline was out of position at the back due to working on his kart on the grid. He made fourth at the flag. After losing the lead, an incident dropped MacDonald out of contention, whilst a good start from eighth on the grid propelled Ticktum to the front for the win. Jehan Daruvala, only twelfth on the grid after mixed heat results and some wrong tyre choices, had a fine recovery to third. Ticktum was in command for the whole of the second final, whilst Daruvala picked off Caroline and Rawson for second, both the latter falling back. McDonald made a great recovery drive for fourth behind Scottish compatriot Ross Martin, whilst Rawson suffered with not having new tyres, falling to tenth.

Results Final 1
1 Daniel Ticktum Alonso
2 Philip Rawson Tonykart
3 Jehan Daruvala Alonso
4 Jamie Caroline ART/TM
5 Daniel McAuley Alonso
6 Ross Martin Wright/TM

Results Final 2
1 Ticktum
2 Daruvala
3 Martin
4 Dean MacDonald ART/TM
5 Enaam Ahmed Alonso/Vortex
6 McAuley

Provisional Championship Points
1 Daniel Ticktum 294
2 Jehan Daruvala 290
3 Philip Rawson 280
4 Dean MacDonald 267
5 Ross Martin 259
6 Harrison Newey 252

Oliver York (Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)
Oliver York
(Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)

MSA British Cadet Kart Championship: IAME Cadet
Oliver York continued his winning ways in the second round whilst Jonny Edgar sadly languished in the finals. Zachary Robertson and Tom Wood topped the two timed sessions, Robertson faster but suffering badly in the first heat, won by Wood. Lewis Thompson took the second and York the third but Albert Carter had an exclusion for driving standards, and Owen Byatt and Tyler Chesterton non-compliances. Many of the engines were stripped for checks on Saturday evening. Gordon Mutch, Jack Armstrong and Lewis Thompson were all excluded for various driving issues from the third heat, relegating some to the repechage. That was won by Joe Turney, from Byatt, Chesterton and Wesley Brown. York took the first final lead from poleman Tom Wood at the start. Despite the close attention of Wood and Alex Quinn, York held on until the chequer. With a fantastic recovery drive, Byatt headed the second train of karts over Lewis Thompson and William Pettitt. After briefly falling to third in the second final, York leapfrogged Quinn and Byatt and threw off a mid race challenge by Quinn. Once back in front he maintained a tiny gap over Quinn to the flag. Byatt lost touch with this duo, needing to be aware of Thompson and Teddy Wilson’s approach.

Results Final 1
1 Oliver York Zip
2 Tom Wood Zip
3 Alex Quinn Zip
4 Owen Byatt Zip
5 Lewis Thompson Zip
6 William Pettitt Zip

Results Final 2
1 York
2 Quinn
3 Byatt
4 Thompson
5 Teddy Wilson Zip
6 Kiern Jewiss Zip

Provisional Championship Points
1 Oliver York 319
2 Alex Quinn 286
3 Lewis Thompson 263
4 Tom Wood 259
5 Alex McDade 258
6 Teddy Wilson 249

Toby Sowery (Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)
Toby Sowery
(Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)

Formula KGP National Championship
Toby Sowery and Danny Keirle showed their potential by leading the timed qualifying session, but Sowery’s engine blew up in the first heat, Jack Partridge winning over Roy Johnson. Fraser Wallace was found to be underweight. Keirle took the second heat from Joe Porter and Sowery but the former British Champions Mark Litchfield and Bobby Game appeared to be struggling somewhat, the latter also losing a wheel in the first final. So all that had earned Johnson the first final pole, and he led until succumbing to James Gornall. Once Keirle got into his stride, he proved faster, taking the lead whilst team-mate Jack Partridge gave Gornall a slight nudge for second. That later earned him a five place penalty, so Gornall inherited second over Sowery, Johnson and Litchfield. Phil Smith and Cameron Leason also had five place penalties, and Jamie Flynn was excluded. Sowery took command of the second final once he had leapfrogged Keirle and Gornall, for a 3s win, the track now starting to dry out. Keirle looked safe in second until the last lap when his engine cut out with an electrical problem, the second time it has occurred. That elevated Partridge – who had stormed back through despite his penalty, Litchfield and Gornall but Game’s progress stalled at tenth.

Results Final 1
1 Danny Keirle (Jade)
2 James Gornall (Intrepid)
3 Toby Sowery (Tonykart)
4 Roy Johnson (Tonykart)
5 Mark Litchfield (CRG)
6 Stefan Di Resta (Alonso)

Results Final 2
1 Sowery
2 Jack Partridge (Jade)
3 Litchfield
4 Gornall
5 Luca Hirst (Birel)
6 Jonathan Davis (Praga)

Provisional Championship Points
1 Toby Sowery 267
2 Bobby Game 257
3 Luca Hirst 255
4 Jack Partridge 263
5 Danny Keirle 250
6 Roy Johnson 246

Paul Monks (Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)
Paul Monks
(Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)

ABkC National Championship for TKM Extreme
James Ogden made the best of the conditions for the timed qualifying, over Will van Es and Douglas Hayford, whilst Joe Forsdyke did not take part. Whilst Van Es won the first heat over Jack New, Luke Graver and Andrew Lawrence were both excluded for driving standards. Lawrence went onto win the second heat but Forsdyke had no times due to not fitting his transponder. So Van Es took pole for the first final over local expert Paul Monks who beat Van Es off the start, the pair trading the lead and pulling well clear of Charlie Bruce-White in third. Van Es held the lead over much of the race, Monks coming back near the end to win. Kyle Sproat missed out part of the track, and was put down a lap. Forsdyke and Graver came through to fifth and sixth, behind New. The second final was punctuated by a red flag stoppage for a multi-kart crash, New, Ryan Jones, Hayford, Lawrence and Andreas Gutzold not taking part in the new race. Bruce-white launched himself into second to chase Monks to the flag, Van Es having to settle for third this time.

Results Final 1
1 Paul Monks (TKM)
2 Will Van Es (Tonykart)
3 Charlie Bruce-White (Tonykart)
4 Jack New (Tonykart)
5 Joe Forsdyke (TKM)
6 Luke Graver (Tonykart)

Results Final 2
1 Monks
2 Bruce-White
3 Van Es
4 Forsdyke
5 Graver
6 Simon Vercoe (Tal-Ko)

Provisional Championship Points
1 Will van Es 305
2 Charlie Bruce-White 298
3 Paul Monks 288
4 Luke Graver 254
5 Joe Forsdyke 251
6 Simon Vercoe 251

Daniel Baybutt (Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)
Daniel Baybutt
(Photo: Chris Walker - kartpix.net)

ABkC National Championship for Junior TKM
The timed session had Cameron Clarke topping the list over Matthew Round-Garrido and series leader Matt Davies whilst Daniel Baybutt was seventh, but speared through to win the first heat over Stephen Letts. Jake Campbell-Mills was excluded. Matt Davies took the second heat from Kyle Hornby and Letts so putting himself pole for the first final. Although Davies enjoyed a big lead at the start, Baybutt hauled him in, and with a couple of minutes to run assumed the lead. A long way back was Hornby and Lewis Taylor. Alex Forward, who had to have a new kart after a practice crash, took sixth behind Letts and Campbell-Mills made it up to seventh. Davies quickly leapfrogged Hornby and Forward in the second final to forge ahead. Only Forward could stay with him, although Hornby appeared ahead briefly having missed out part of the track. He gave the places back but was still put a lap down. Campbell-Mills was black-flagged and excluded. Baybutt suffered a little with his tyres, but hung onto Letts for fourth, with Lewis Taylor on his tail.

Results Final 1
1 Daniel Baybutt (Jade)
2 Matt Davies (Tonykart)
3 Kyle Hornby (DSG)
4 Lewis Taylor (Jade)
5 Stephen Letts (Tonykart)
6 Alex Forward (DSG)

Results Final 2
1 Davies
2 Forward
3 Letts
4 Baybutt
5 Taylor
6 Alex McRoberts (Jade)

Provisional Championship Points
1 Matt Davies 315
2 Daniel Baybutt 286
3 Alex Forward 285
4 Stephen Letts 281
5 Tom Owen 248
6 Shea Pearce 230
Pacific Mountain Central Eastern International Western Canada

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